When honored at the end of last year with the title of “elite teacher” at PSOE, I was humbled.  I struggled with feelings of insufficiency.  Honestly, I felt unsure of what responsibilities the title might hold and my own abilities to fulfill them. 

At the same time, I was honored and proud of my accomplishment.  It felt great to be appreciated and respected for my hard work.  It was encouraging to have a new professional opportunity, and I was excited by the challenge!

Now half of the school year has passed, and I can truly say that being an “elite teacher” has been a good experience.  With opportunities for leadership, such as leading “team lead” meetings, my confidence has grown.  As part of the leadership team, I’ve also been able to be involved in activities like board retreats, where we've discussed the school’s vision and began to craft our own mission statement.   

Overall, I really enjoy working with other teachers in a mentor-type role.  Whether checking in informally or at a scheduled meeting, I love visiting with fellow teachers, being a listening ear, and guiding/helping however I can.  Being an “elite teacher” thus far has been a growing experience, one which I hope to continue.

Krista Bridenthal
Indianapolis, IN

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